misty morning

It’s Fourth of July weekend and while my neighbors swelter in 100-plus degree weather in the desert that is Santa Clarita, I am sitting on a balcony overlooking the grand canals of Seabridge in Oxnard. As my custom, I woke up at 5:30 a.m., let the dogs out to do their business, and brewed a pot of coffee. I brought a big ol’ cup of what I like to call “the first best thing of the morning” to the balcony to enjoy the damp misty mornings that the folks in the ‘nard relish.

While sitting upstairs, doing nothing, I watch a young guy (I think he was young) dressed head to toe in a wet suit, walk down a boat ramp. Early morning cruise, I think. But no. This guy jumps into the murky canal water and starts swimming. Brave guy, I say to myself, and go back to my great cup of coffee while surfing the Internet.

Several minutes later (or was it longer?), here comes that young guy from the other direction, still doing his early morning swim. I watch him climb out of the water and hope he doesn’t glance my way. Why? Because I’m doing nothin’. I’m a morning person but just don’t ask me to anything physical.

Okay, I’m jealous.


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