movies? sure…. if Julia Roberts doesn’t cackle.

When my boys were young, we watched a lot of the testosterone filled hits – Jurassic Park, Terminator, all the Die Hards, all the Ghostbusters, and of course, every Star War movie ever made. Occasionally, I could sneak in a chick flick or a Disney cartoon (they loved Aladdin). As they got older, it was Austin Powers and The Hangover. When they were dating, the boys even went to see Titanic – but I don’t think it was the love story part. Sinking ocean liners are a big boy turn-on.

Now I just hassle over movies with my husband. He didn’t like Julie and Julia and isn’t a big fan of some of my favorite British flicks – Love Actually and About a Boy. I still go with him to action packed movies – Saving Private Ryan was a favorite.

Which brings me to the new Tom Hanks movie. Who doesn’t like Tom? From Forrest Gump to the Castaway, Tom is a great every man who endears everyone. My problem with Mr. Hanks is when he hooks up with a woman in a romantic role. If it’s funny like Money Pit or Splash, it works. But Tom isn’t good as a Lady Killer (a great Tom Hanks movie, btw) He just doesn’t work with naked women in a hot tub (Charlie Wilson’s War).

Now this new one – Larry Crown. The premise sounds good (going back to college as an adult), but Julia Roberts? – Again? Just watching the previews makes my skin crawl. And is there any movie (or preview) starring Julia Roberts where she doesn’t let out one of her annoying cackles? Who thinks that’s endearing? Even she must be tired of it.

So this is not a movie I will be spending any of my hard earned money on for the two above reasons (Tom Hanks is not a romantic lead and Julia Roberts cackle). If you actually go and pay money to watch this movie, please let me know if it was worth the cost.

If you need a video rental,I highly recommend The Fighter. I’ve watched it several times and every actor deserved an Oscar (and who doesn’t love Mark Walberg).


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