breakin’ the law

I am pretty black and white. I am a rule-follower. I wear my seatbelt, follow the speed limit, recycle, correct clerks when they give me too much change and am basically pretty honest. When I’m not following the rules, I hear in my mind a beating heart somewhere in a closet.

But I have to confess – I break the law every day. Sometimes twice a day. I snub my nose at the leash ordinance every time I walk my dogs. Oh, I’m not an obnoxious dog owner. I pick up poop, I make the dogs sit and stay at every street corner and I will put them on leash whenever anyone looks nervous (or when I see the coppers), but I also get pretty worked up when anyone calls me to task on this law breaking.

I sometimes wonder why I get so upset when a grouchy old person will yell at me for not having my dogs on leash. I had a man (I will NOT call him a gentleman) put his hands up in the air while walking by my dogs. I asked him if the dogs scared him. He wouldn’t turn around. I called out to him, “Mister, are my dogs bothering you.?” Nothing. What a jerk.

So why do I get so worked up at this type of behaviour. I think I figured it out. It’s not that I’m frustrated that I can’t make friends with grouchy people. I like being friendly with neighbors and if they don’t want to be neighborly that’s their problem. I’m pretty sure I obsess on this is because I know I am breaking the law and I want forgiveness.

I venture to guess grouchy, non-dog-type people will never give me that forgiveness. Time for me to start feeling a little more grey.


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