three labs and a lady

I walk the dogs every day, sometimes twice a day (depending on my mood and the weather). Several weeks ago, we lost our 15-year-old Basset Hound. Since then, I don’t have to stop and look for the hound as he sniffs the flowers, meanders down a different path or slowly walks by the fenced in and jealous dogs in the neighborhood. I miss those days. Now it’s like we are on a mission. My labs feel the need to hunt down every rabbit they can find in the canyon. Running this way and that way, they signal each other as a helpless cotton tail makes a break from under a bush. And this weekend I am puppy-sitting my son’s two year old lab – Cali. She has even more energy than my labs.

Now that June gloom has disappeared, we hit the trail early before the sun and the snakes find us. After 30 minutes, these dogs are tired and thirsty. Now if we can just get back home to the swimming pool before they are off on another (worthless) rabbit hunt.


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