the C word

It’s not a good use of the letter C. I can think of so many nice words beginning with C like caring, cooperative, compassion, Charlie, Colton, and Cooper (my Chocolate lab). But the one that strikes terror in everyone’s heart is Cancer.

If you have not been affected by this C word, with friends, family or even yourself, you are in a rare category. It seems like lately I have had my share of the C word. Family (lost my adorable sister-in-law to breast cancer when she was only 39 leaving behind my shocked and saddened brother and two small little boys). Pancreatic cancer came and went in 6 months to a dear friend. Lung cancer by my friend (a non-smoker) took her down in two years. A good friend was diagnosed with Melanoma. Another friend is facing the end of her long, two-year battle, with stomach cancer any day now.

So yes, I’ve been around it and I don’t like it. But I’ve watched the people I love deal with this dreaded word so bravely and optimistically. I didn’t think I could ever be that brave.

Well, I had my chance to be tested when I was waiting for the results of a recent biopsy for uterine cancer. A LONG TWO WEEK WAIT and I failed miserably. Not that the results were bad, thank God (it was benign), but I was surprised how I fell apart just waiting for the results.

So a word to the medical profession: Give us a bone, would you? when you get the results – good or bad – just CALL US. Just about everyone I have ever spoken to about this said the waiting is horrible. It’s almost like you put your life on hold. Not that we all can’t be taken down in one nano second, but when we reach out to the medical profession we expect them to reach right back to us.

I hope I don’t have to worry about the C word for some time. Me, my friends, my family, hell… even my enemies, need a break!


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