hooked on the nook?

Sometimes I feel as if I have too many gadgets in my life. I love them, mind you, but they do end up controlling me. From my iPhone to my MacBook Air and now my Nook.

I like to read and when I do I close everyone and everything out of my life. Can’t help it if it’s a good book. Almost sorry when I find a great read. But recently my youngest sister convinced the rest of us sisters to purchase a new color Nook. This is Barnes and Nobel’s answer to the Kindle , an electronic pad that can hold thousands of downloaded books, magazines, newspapers, games and a whole lot more that I haven’t figured out yet. The older sisters reasoned it would be a good time to try one out since we had the attention and tutoring from younger sis.

So we charged them up and downloaded our first book – The Dead End Gene Pool by Wendy Burden. This is a story about the Vanderbilt family as told by the third generation. Full of intrigue, in-fighting, servants, chauffeurs, and of course, money, which turns out is the root of their evil.

On our Nooks, we learned to turn pages, bookmark, look up words, pull out quotes and share new book finds. Recently, I downloaded A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron. My neighbor Janis has been bugging me to read this because she and I are very dog tolerant (bordering on love). So far (2 chapters) it’s a good read and a little sad, but I do have to say the most interesting thing about the book was the long list of the author’s thank yous. Of course he listed his parents, editors, publishers, his boss, a variety of dog lovers and owners, Caesar Milan, and to my surprise, Norma Vela. Who is Norma Vela you might ask? Turns out Norma lives down the street from me. She is credited for her horse sense. Yes, she does live on a horse ranch, own a horse magazine and more importantly, quite the writer (she’s worked on several TV shows including Roseanne, Designing Women, St. Elsewhere).

Now I remember hearing about this book – from her – a year ago.

But back to the Nook. Do I like ebooks? The jury is still out. If I don’t pick it up for a while, the battery is dead. If I want to look something up from a previous chapter, I flip and flip and flip till I get there (there has got to be an easier way), and I get tired of holding the pad in my hands (although you can buy a stand).

On the plus side, it’s going to be a whole lot lighter to carry a dozen books, mags and newspapers with me when I travel.


One Response to “hooked on the nook?”

  1. Kimberle Wooten Says:

    I’m so glad you are enjoying the world of electronic books although I have a few warnings – Your in danger when those papers you read in the morning end up in your in – box before that 5:30 wake-up. You look up and a years gone by and you have over 400 books and think, hmmmmm, time to get out more, and my favorite, “what show is that, I don’t watch T.V.”. Thought that one might get a chuckle out of you. Seriously you will still want to buy a book now and then to touch, smell and cuddle with…….. love you

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