flippin’ over flops

I am a die-hard flip-flop fan. I wear them everywhere and sometimes it’s downright embarrassing. The beach, sure, but meetings? Hmmm… maybe not appropriate. I once had a debate with my editor that Banana Republic sandals are not flip-flops (he didn’t want us to wear them at work).

While designing this site, I started with a glass slipper (I’m not 10), a glass stiletto (nope, not 20 either) and then took a hard look at “designer” flip-flops. Nothing quite said Cinderellie until my webmaster found the beautiful crystal sandals that adorn this page. I love sandals too!

But my biggest problem with my collection of flip-flops is where they rest throughout the day and night. I have got to learn to put my shoes away! It drives my husband crazy.

Here’s a sample of yesterdays flips (one 24-hour period):

In front of my bedroom television.                                 By the back door.

 Bedroom ottoman.                                             getting ready for bed.                           and my dog-walking shoes. OK not flip-flops.


3 Responses to “flippin’ over flops”

  1. Carol Rock Says:

    hahaha, get a pitty puppy and that will cure you of leaving shoes out instantly! Also, did you know that you can’t wear flip flops at Club 33 in Disneyland? yup. Tim’s mom had to go change into her sneakers because rubber-bottomed flip flops are forbidden. Leather sandals, like your crystal numbers above, are OK.

  2. janet boelter Says:

    I am addicted to flip flops…. what is the perfect flip flop tho?

  3. CinderellieSister Says:

    Janet – all flip-flop are perfect! Carol – too bad about Dland and Club 33 but I guess you are just lucky when you can get it.

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