here comes the sun

I hate to admit it, but we use a lot of electricity. From our pool equipment to our Christmas lights, and in this heat, our air conditioning. We even have a backyard well to save water, but it jacks our electric bill way up. Edison loves us and I hate paying our electric bill.

So it wasn’t a big leap for me to invest in solar panels. I’m a big solar fan, having my first set in the late 70s (Jimmy Carter was promoting it and you could get a tax break). When I bought my second and current home in 1988, we immediately set up solar for our water heater and pool equipment. Sadly, no rebates at the time, but we felt good about it.

Now rebates are back along with tax breaks and with that, I installed my first set of electric panels last year.

Those panels took about 1/2 of our usage down but now I want more. This summer I installed a second set of solar panels. Not only do I think its good for our environment, but I really would rather pay for my panels than pay Edison. I’m actually kind of excited to see my next electric bill. Soon (and probably for the people who end up buying my house), my electricity will be free.

Can’t beat that on these hot California summer days.


     and I think they are beautiful.

By the way, my brother installed these. I’ll plug his company – Pacific Blue Solar.

It’s nice to come from a large family. You’ll never know what line of work they will go into.


4 Responses to “here comes the sun”

  1. susan Says:

    Does he work in WI? especially with a name like “Pacific” Blue.

  2. Alethia Says:

    Seriously, Austin and I were talking about you and your solar panels yesterday. We were debating getting them…

  3. Cathy Says:

    We got our solar panels 3 years ago. Our Edison bill was 92 cents this month. That was with the air conditioner. Green Convergance (I think that’s how you spell their name) did such a great job on installation, there were no wires outside running down the side of the house and they were very clean. Now the solar panels are even cheaper, I think you lease them.

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