meet gandhi and mother T

 Cooper and Stella

We got them from a friend about 5 years ago, a brother and sister from a large family. At the time we had our reliable (and slow) Basset Hound we called Digger and an empty nest (our youngest just left for college).

My husband was initially a little concerned for two reasons – 1. I got the labs when my husband was gone for the week, so surprise! and 2. they were going to get big, he said, real big. Since we had no children at home, we got right down to training them.

At three months, the mugs (that’s Stella and Cooper) started obedience lessons. We were dedicated, worked daily with them and watched them grow. Cooper, our chocolate, is now about 89 lbs. He loves to go hunting with Charlie ( yes, we eat everything Charlie brings home) and he is spoiled. He sleeps on our bed (NEVER have we allowed dogs in our room before) and he’s taken a couple of hunting trips  in a G5.

Stella doesn’t like loud noises, hence, no hunting. She has soulful brown eyes and she gets to do just about anything she wants. She may be 100 lbs, but she swims laps in our pool every morning and every night. She’s a beautiful swimmer. But she’s a little too, ahem, heavy to jump on our high bed, so she sleeps on a doggie pillow in our room.

This is their life:

Those who work hard, give back and dedicate themselves to others, deserve a good life. We should all strive to come back as labs.


4 Responses to “meet gandhi and mother T”

  1. Lex Says:

    Love those dogs!

  2. Kimberle Wooten Says:

    They are beautiful and special and so are there human friends. Thanks for the pics. I love dogs but labs, they are more than (wo)mans best friend. They get us right to the depth of our souls. Hmmm, maybe it’s time for me to start training a puppy again. You and I could take them to the spa, lol. Thanks for sharing the wonderfull pics.

  3. Sandi Waddell Says:

    I wanna come back as YOUR lab! Thanks for the entertainment!

  4. Rachie Says:

    I like this article 🙂 and the one before it. Nice little blurbs remind me of family during the day.. Which helps 🙂

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