and the winner is ….

An ice cream maker.

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The first giveaway on CinderellieSister has helped me tremendously. First, it made me put designing this website at the top of my “to do” list. Second, it brought a lot of friends and family to the site to help me tweak these pages (I am still working on that and I thank you for hanging in there with me as I navigate through this new type of journalism.)

But mostly, I loved hearing about your favorite ice cream! As an ice cream aficionado, I was glad to hear there were so many of you who are just as passionate about this creamy concoction as I am.

With that, and totally at random, the winner of the Cuisinart Ice Cream maker is …… TAMMY COKER SMITH. (ps – my brother blindly selected the winner).

I know everyone who submitted a comment about ice cream. Tammy was someone who spent many summers at our home when she was quite young (escaping the Phoenix heat and giving her something to do during summer vacation). She was a great babysitter for our little boys who loved to tease her, especially when her suitcase fell off the top of our van on the way home from Mammoth and all of her unmentionables scattered on the freeway near Lancaster.

Tammy is now a grown woman with a husband and two kids. She loves the Twilight series and spending time with her family. I think her kids will love making ice cream with their mom.

Tammy…. You know how to get ahold me. Send me your address and the color of your new ice cream maker via email.

I loved this contest and now to think of another. Thank you all for participating.


5 Responses to “and the winner is ….”

  1. Peggy Says:

    Yay Tammy!

  2. Tammy Smith Says:

    Very cool!! Thank you

  3. susan Says:

    Congratulations Tammy. I remember you as the really nice babysitter at Patty’s who’d sometimes add my kids into the mix. Enjoy the ice cream!

  4. Carol Rock Says:

    Yum, plum! Congrats Tammy!

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