big city girl…. maybe.

Hairspray (musical)

Musical at the Bowl

I feel very lucky to live so close to a large metropolitan city (Los Angeles), yet far enough away that my neighbors have horses and I can let my dogs run free. But the big city offers concerts, plays, fabulous restaurants, museums and of course, the beach. I was lucky enough to be invited to two great events over one weekend.

First to the Hollywood Bowl to watch the musical Hairspray. I have to admit I was not terribly excited about going. I’m not good on Friday night (so, so tired) and I didn’t know the Bowl did anything but concerts, but it was an opportunity to get together with family and friends and enjoy a meal under the stars, so I packed a light sweater and headed south.

The Hollywood Bowl holds great memories for me. My first concert was at the Bowl in the sixties when my girlfriend and I saw The Supremes. Over the years and many concerts later (including the Rolling Stones which was unbelievably fun), this would be my first musical. I was never a big Hairspray fan, but as soon as Harvey Feinstein walked on – in drag – I was hooked. Big names kept popping up – Drew Carey, John Stamos and one of the Jonas Brothers (who had a huge fan club screaming in the upper seats).

The food (provided by Patinas) and the table decorations (provided by my sister-in-law Kathleen) added to the great evening we all had.

On Sunday I held four tickets to the opening night of a play called “This” at the Kirk Douglas theatre in Culver City. I haven’t been to Culver City in many, many years. It was always a small section of Los Angeles that I avoided. This time I had the opportunity to look at some of the renovated areas of the town and I have to say… “I’m impressed, Culver City!”

The area surrounding the Kirk Douglas theatre was clean, well-lit, had several non-chain restaurants and plenty of parking. My sisters and I have been theater-goers for years. This was a new venue for us and we had the pleasure of the company of my niece, who is a great planner. We had a quick drink at an old restored hotel (can’t remember the name… dang it. But apparently the Munchkins stayed there during the filming of The Wizard of Oz). We strolled over to Akasha Restaurant/Brewery and ordered small plates to share and a nice bottle of Chardonnay.  Enjoyed it all and highly recommend this restaurant. Then it was a quick walk to the theater.

The Kirk Douglas Theater is fairly new and there is not a bad seat in the house. While the play itself was a little slow (in my humble opinion), some of the actors in it made up for that. A character named Alan was a big hit, but even more surprising was the appearance of Giles Marini (Sex in the City, Dancing with the Stars). He was adorable on stage and off (we were able to meet the actors after the performance). Later I found out that Kirk Douglas and his wife Anne were there, front and center! The sisters will definitely be keeping our eye on this place and plan to return soon.

As I said, I like the big city. I like the energy, the atmosphere, the people watching. I do have to admit, however, in reality I’m a small town girl. Knowing my neighbors, watching their kids grow and sometimes (just sometimes) knowing enough local politics to get me in trouble, always makes me feel good to be home.


One Response to “big city girl…. maybe.”

  1. Tammy Says:

    Hairspray is Paige’s favorite musical- waiting for it to come to phoenix so she can see it on stage!!!

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