first day of school. (sigh….)

Woman's one-piece bathing suit, 1920s, USA

NOT my sister (but she does love glamour poses)

Today marks the first day of school for most of the kids in my neighborhood (some started yesterday). It’s strange because by 9 a.m. the street is so very quiet.

It’s been, what? six years since I had a first day of school with my boys. And that was my youngest son’s last year of high school. I have a much clearer memory of his first day of kindergarten so, so many years ago.

He’s in college now.

I loved everything about back to school. My birthday is in September, so I always got backpacks, notebooks, rulers …. and basically school supplies for birthday presents. My sister, on the other hand, had a June birthday and she got summer stuff like a new bathing suit (yeah, I was kinda jealous).

But I like shopping for back to school items because it always signaled to me a new beginning. Not that I took my boys shopping (that was worse than death to them) but most boys are basically easy. There are a few name brands I had to pick up (Quicksilver shirts and backpacks) but socks, shoes, Levis, and underwear is pretty basic and simple. Then a quick stop at Staples once the teacher sent home the required notebooks, calculators and folders need for the school year, and I was done.

Once we dropped the little darlings off at schools, the moms would celebrate by meeting at Don Cuco’s to toast our new-found freedom (if only for an hour or so).

Because as much as we liked school to start, it wouldn’t take long for us to sweat over homework, grades, missing assignments and the many checks we would have to write for extra-curricular activities and fundraisers.

So I’m raising my second cup of coffee to all you moms out there today. Enjoy this first day of school and everyday that follows. And if all goes well, it won’t be too long before you are visiting college campuses!


4 Responses to “first day of school. (sigh….)”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Yeah my old high school started on Monday, which sucks, but I know that all of LAUSD is doing the same thing now. They changed the curriculum since last year to start the in August instead of September because they just figured out what my high school had done for 5 years already (and I know SCV did it too). They finally realized that if the kids start school in August they’ll be done with finals by the end of the semester in December before winter break. But before, most of LAUSD High schools started in September, and the kids still had homework during Christmas break, and they didn’t have their finals until January, so they had to study for finals during break as well.

    • Patti Rasmussen Says:

      I do remember that Kristin. I always hated that a big project was due right after Christmas break and it would take another month to finish a semester…
      Finally. I always wondered why school was starting earlier.

  2. Cheryl Phillips Says:

    Loved this post – brought back so many great memories.
    Bus stop chats on Maple St., Peachland’s October Carnival, Dr. Tanner and Hildy’s Cake Walk, and, of course, the parade of children in their Halloween costumes. There were PTA meetings actually held in our homes, children walking and riding bikes to school – there were no traffic jams because the kids weren’t driven to school every day, the smell of the ink in the mimeograph machine that spit out those damp purple copies, crepe paper (Does it exist anymore?), teachers delivering a lesson to their class on the lawn for no other reason, than it was a beautiful day, Mrs. Meyers, Mrs. Becker, Mr. and Mrs. Fradkoff, Ms. Krakow, Mrs. Morey and Mrs. Swanson, who both still substitute, and I swear, they still look exactly like they did when they taught 1st grade to my 37 year old! So many great memories – so many great lifelong friendships forged – weren’t we lucky…………….

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