reality sucks!

TV Personality Kim Kardashian at the Style You...

she almost looks uncomfortable

I’m a little dumbfounded about reality TV and more importantly, reality stars. I could put up with the fact that Paris Hilton is really not famous for doing anything but being a Hilton and wearing super expensive or revealing clothes to red carpet events. What really sets me off is the Kardashian group – including mom and step dad.

I first took notice of the K girls when one of them appeared on “Dancing with the Stars.” I realize Dancing doesn’t use A-listers, but it was odd trying to explain to my better half why this girl was dancing. “She’s on a realty TV show,” I said. “Doing what?” he asked. Nothing.

One day while recouping from the flu or something, I was scrolling around the television stations and I found them. I don’t even know what the name of their show is, but what fascinated me (besides their totally selfish lifestyle) was their step-dad Bruce Jenner.

What happened to Bruce Jenner? He looked like the walking dead. He used to be so cute in a wholesome California surfer boy style.

After watching the show for a while, I realized he was living in a house full of narcissistic women who believe plastic surgery is the answer. He was either overwhelmed by their persistent nagging (“you’ll look so much better!”) or wanted to keep up with the Joneses, so to speak.

Bruce, believe me when I say this – You’ve gone over the edge buddy. Your lips are disappearing.

And the mother. Did she miss out on her 15 minutes of fame when she was younger?

I realize that many young women admire these girls. They think they are beautiful, smart, business savvy, lucky ….

I haven’t heard anyone use the terms philanthropic or talented.

I really hope young girls don’t believe that this is the way to live or look.

Today I read that the Kardashian sisters are promoting a new line of lingerie for Sears. Sears! Do you think for one moment anyone in that family would be caught dead shopping at Sears!

One thing I got to hand to them though. They get a lot of press for doing nothing.


One Response to “reality sucks!”

  1. susan Says:

    I couldn’t agree more!

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