these boots were made for walking

Can a suburban (slash) part-time beach dweller over 50 wear a sexy suede black cowboy boot?

I have always believed there is an invisible line drawn somewhere in the universe when it comes to dress apparel. My friend Kim would say, “You are being judgmental again.” and she would be right. So I’ll just chalk it up to a line drawn for myself.

I, for one, love mini skirts. Loved them in high school and into my 20s. My legs seem to hold up better than the rest of my body, so wearing them in my 40s would be fine except in a work situation (then they get a little too high maintenance). But I love seeing young girls wearing them again. Especially micro-minis. So, so sexy.

I also love that leggings are making a comeback. But boots….

So I bought them anyway. They are pretty sexy looking. I’m going to give them a try and wear them proudly.

But here’s my dilemma – do I tuck my pants in or not?


8 Responses to “these boots were made for walking”

  1. Carol Rock Says:

    Oh girlfriend, those are AWESOME boots! Go spend some time with Bobbi Jean at Out West, she’ll give you lots of fashion advice (tucked or not tucked) and she always looks good! I’m jealous!

  2. Kristin Says:

    If they’re skinny jeans, then maybe…if it’s anything other than that I wouldn’t try Patti, because it’ll make the boot look too bulgy.

  3. Cheryl Phillips Says:

    Forget the pants – wear them with your mini skirts!!!!!!

  4. Kimberle Wooten Says:

    My dear friend with your legs wear them(and they are adorable). any way you want. In, out with ashore flirty skirt and for my friend Charlie wear them only with a cowboy hat. You could even match them with a flashy barrette (ha ha) and with your legs that most 25 year olds would envy wear with a smile. I find the joy od being 50 something is the freedom to feel good in my skin because of the few assets I was blessed with and in spite of the many flaws.

    Steve who just started reading over my shoulder said you should definitely wear them tucked in, that he knows Charlie and yes himself would love to see you wear them that way.

    • Patti Rasmussen Says:

      first – I’ve given up on the whole barrette thing after 40 (I know where them – ugh!) and a blush on the cowboy hat and boot idea 🙂
      Tell Steve he knows Charlie way too well. No more Mammoth trips for those guys!

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