What do Burl Ives and pork chops have in common?

Burl Ives, American actor and folk singer

Burl Ives

There is nothing like a good ol’ one pot dish when Fall weather comes (and it’s September so it should reach us by the end of the month). I’m a big crock pot person myself, but I also love cast iron cookware.

You’ll want some too when you see how beautiful Staub cookware is and how wonderful your food tastes when it simmers inside these pots.

Check out this month’s giveaway. Go to contest/giveaways and click on to “on the table” and add your two cents.

Contest will end at midnight on Sept. 13.

In the meantime, enjoy this recipe sent in by my good friend Gerri. You’ll find the answer to Burl Ives and pork chops at the very end.


Here is one of my favorite recipes.... by Gerri McCorkle 
Choose some thick cut pork chops... 
I choose 5 because that is the total number in our family, 
unless of course we have an extra mouth to feed.  
One of our kids hungry friends... 
In a large frying pan, lightly brown the chops with EVOO...  
Then add 1 whole large onion sliced thinly.... 
allow the onion to break down with two cups of apple cider....
You can almost smell it. I'm drooling as I type! 
Slice up two apples skinned and add to pan....it creates this wonderful fall smelling aroma.... 
Allow to simmer, the chops will be juicy...you will know they are done when they are no longer pink! 
In another pot boil your potatoes, so that you can add this concoction to homemade mashed potatoes 
and fresh string beans. 
My Dad attended the Culinary Art Institute in New York and worked at the Beverly Hills Hotel, 
this is one of his favorites...It may not be exactly the way he makes it, but a close second! 
oh and I think he got this from my Gramma who was Burl Ives' cook!

One Response to “What do Burl Ives and pork chops have in common?”

  1. susan Says:

    My favorite time of year, and the best cooking time too. My favorite fall recipe is a beef stew. You can use thick cut round steak or any type of roast cut into mouth-sized chunks. In a little olive oil (or butter) brown the meat until it’s really dark on all sides. Take it out of the pan and add your vegetables, carrots, onions, celery, potatoes, and any fresh vegetables you have, zucchini, spinach, beans, beets, etc. Saute these veggies in the juice left from the meat. Add a little more olive oil if needed. Do this for about 2 minutes, or until the veggies start to get a little browned. Add about 2 cups of water and return the meat to the pot. Cover and simmer until the meat and veggies are tender. This can take all day or speed it up by increasing your heat, just make sure not to use up all the water. Add a little cornstarch to thicken the juice and you have instant gravy. Smells great all day long and tastes even better.

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