I recently bought a new dining room table and I love it. Rustic and beefy, this table replaces an old dining room set I’ve had for more than 20 years. I am lucky to have a daughter-in-law who needed a dining room table and loves hand-me-downs.

I really wanted a beautiful centerpiece that would enhance the look of my new table without overwhelming it. My little sister has an amazing eye, so I was able to capture her one afternoon to hunt for this special piece. Peggy and I do not really have the same taste, but she knows what I like.

After trying this table runner and that placemat, she actually came up with a brilliant centerpiece that captures my taste and is useful all the same.

These beautiful sunflowers are actually napkin rings. When putting this together, Peggy and I first decided on the colors (we chose red and yellow). We found the adorable napkin rings at Pottery Barn and added some green (those are olive branches) and a few small clay potted flowers. The clay pie plate holds them all in place. My daughter-in-law suggested a black runner or placemats which I found at Target.

The results – stunning!

I have to admit being a mom of four boys, it is really wonderful to have girls in my life.

Now I just have to plan that dinner party….


One Response to “sunflowers”

  1. Patti Rasmussen Says:

    I do love sunflowers…

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