Big Project – I’m ready

I’m excited today! A project that I’ve put on hold for months is finally starting today and it’s big!

If you remember the big rains in March, you’ll remember that many So Cal residents were dealing with flooding and landslides. We didn’t get the landslides (because we live in a canyon), but we got the flooding. Major flooding!

The roof leaked, the pool overflowed and the drains backed up everywhere. Of course, my husband was out-of-town during the worse of the days so I spent those days changing the pots catching the leaks and mopping up floors. We even had the wallpaper bubble up with water.

So after fixing the backyard drains, patching the roof and dealing with our insurance company, it was time to re-do the wood floors that buckled and warped. Not an easy job because our den is huge and we had to prepare for the floor guys. On top of that, my husband thought it would be a good time to re-do ALL the wood throughout the house and replace the old carpet (that my dear departed Basset Hound called home) and just put in wood.

So out goes the furniture, down come the pictures and once the cars were removed from the garage, our new storage place was in place and the house was ready.

They say it will take all week to do this job. Fun! – I say sarcastically….

den – before (check out the dark stains in the corner – that’s not just       wood tones)

and office – before








Oh and here is Digger, my 15-year-old Basset we lost a couple of months ago. He’d miss the carpet….


5 Responses to “Big Project – I’m ready”

  1. Peggy Rogers Richan Says:

    Poor Digger 😦 He would love to be here to leave you surprises on your fresh flooring 🙂

  2. susan Says:

    Are they doing it now? or next week? I hope they do it a room at a time so you can start putting back things a bit at a time. What about the bedrooms? Wood too?

  3. Cathy Says:

    O’my! All of this is bringing back good and bad memories. The dust from sanding the floors was terrible. We even put up plastic in the doorways to keep it in one place. I felt like I was in a maze. I was surprised on the fast pace those guys put the floor down. It really didn’t take that long. It is the staining and finish coats of lacquer that took so long. And you have to keep the area DUST FREE or the finish will have to be sanded and reapplied. Have some wine/beer handy to calm the stress. Just think of how nice it will all look when they get done. 🙂

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