a new adventure

It’s time to add a travel section to this site. According to one of my Facebook friends, whenever they check my status I am gone – somewhere…

It’s true. My sister Nancy once said to me she decided never to turn down an opportunity to travel. She would just find a way to afford it and take some time off. She even bought a used motor home and she and her mate have put it to good use.

I like that philosophy and some time back decided to adopt it. Now that I opened my life a bit, I’ve been to some interesting places.

Spent New Years Eve in Paris (was a freezing 22 degrees and got stuck 3 extra    days when they shut down the airport because of snow. yeah, I know, tough 🙂 











Chartered a boat that my husband captained and took some friends around the San Juan Islands (didn’t even know where the San Juan’s were). Saw orcas breeching, fed deer from our hands, visited British Columbia, ate some great seafood and drank Ramos Fize’s on the deck of the boat. Oh yeah, Bouchard Gardens. Beautiful!







Spent two weeks in Maui, first with my family, and then the second week, with just my sisters. Swam in the beautiful Pacific, ate some great seafood, hung out in Lahaina on Halloween and listen to the waves at night while sleeping.






Saw the inside (and outside) of beautiful churches, palaces and castles in the Czech Republic.







I have a friend who lives in Wisconsin. She is my youngest’s son godmother. Her birthday is in October and sometime back she said she wanted to go to Quebec (quay-beck. I’m still learning the French pronunciation). I’ve never been there so I said sure, I’ll go. I’m leaving next week.

Turns out the first week of October is monumental in Quebec. It’s the official “changing of the colors.” Fall is in full bloom, they tell me, and there is even a Jazz Festival to celebrate the season. Can’t wait.

Coat tails, my son Adam said to me once. Hang on to those coat tails, you’ll never know where you’ll go. (btw – is coat tails one or two words?)

I like that philosophy .


4 Responses to “a new adventure”

  1. Carol Rock Says:

    one word

  2. janet boelter Says:

    I love that you share your travels with us too…. It is fun to see where in the world is Patti…. Love it.

  3. CinderellieSister Says:

    thanks Janet… I’m liking the whole “coattails” thing…. (one word and all).

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