Why is it winter in Quebec already?

I’m in Quebec and it’s raining. And cold. And dark. So my friend and I are staying in tonight in our James Bond room (I’ll explain later), ordering room service and talking about the difference between Wisconsin and California (off the top – she likes this weather. I’m not doing as well).

Sue, my Wisconsin friend, lives on a big old swathe of land in the middle of nowhere and she loves it (I try to remind her of “In Cold Blood” – not nice, I know). You have to reach her house by going down a mile long dirt road and if you’re lucky, no trees have fallen in your path. She has several acres she leases out to a corn farmer, tons of tress and wildlife, a big old granite pit that is now her lake and a beautiful year-round garden.

So in the rain and cold and dark, our thoughts naturally turn to gardening. I have a small little fenced off area that my grandson and I planted pumpkins. They came out small, but cute. I am NOT a gardener. I missed the pumpkin season this year due to the renovation of my backyard.  I asked Sue what I could plant now that winter was right around the corner.


Here are some of her thoughts:

Peas, lettuce, spinach and just about any root vegetable – radishes, turnips, carrots … (all you other gardeners, please feel free to add to the list).

And for Easter color, the ground is perfect for sweet peas and tulips which I love (just make sure the bulbs have been refrigerated).

I’ve had a great time in Quebec. It’s like going to France without flying over the ocean. The people have been friendly, I’m learning some French phrases (another plus about Sue – she can speak French) and I’ve done some shopping. Well, too much shopping which I’m sure I’ll pay for later in more ways than one (can anyone say “No bags over 50 lbs”).


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