nothing but a hound dog

6 year-old red & white Basset Hound

I got my first Basset Hound while living in Arizona. We rescued him from a pig farm in Mesa. Fred, as we would call him, was about 7 or 8 years old, enjoying his life milling about the mud with his swine friends. We took him home to our little duplex, gave him a good cleaning and set about learning what Basset Hounds are all about.

My soon-to-be husband was attending Arizona State and I was working as a Kelly Girl (do they even have those anymore?). While getting to know each other on a whole different level, Fred was our glue. Fred was a calming, entertaining and fascinating creature.

Why a Basset Hound? I’m not sure. Neither of us had a Basset growing up. We were more of the large-bred type of dog lover. But it’s hard not to love a Basset. People always smile when they come across one – long ears, short legs, droopy eyes. What’s not to love?

Fred stayed with us for about five years. We brought him home to Newhall when we started our family. We didn’t have a fence, so Fred would wander the neighborhood, knocking over trash cans looking for that perfect breakfast. He also had a weird habit of laying on manhole covers in the middle of the street. Neighbors must have been always on the lookout for him because cars drove by our house slowly and I would watch them go around the hound.

One such morning, Fred was not so lucky. As custom, my husband left for work early in the morning and he would stop to pick up turned over trash cans knowing it was his dog that caused the mess. A neighbor flagged him down. They had found Fred and someone must have hit him. My husband spent the day digging a hole, tears flowing, carefully wrapping our beloved pet in his favorite blanket and put him to rest.

It would be years before anyone could replace that hole in our heart …. until we met Digger. 

We got Digger as a puppy and he had an actual pedigree. His official name: Digger Barnes (named after Jock Ewing’s nemesis from the TV show Dallas). Dang, he was cute – running after our boys, tripping over those long ears. We fell in love pretty quick.

We would have Digger for 15 years. He was slow and sloppy (when he flapped those ears and lips, slobber would go flying everywhere!) and very entertaining. Bassets were bred to sniff out foxes. When Digger got on a scent, that hound dog wail would start and we couldn’t get him to stop until he lost the scent.

Many critters came and went from our life (dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, turtles, and even a lizard we inherited from a college bound kid), but nothing came close to the bond we had with Digger.

He had a great life and in return, he gave us a lot of laughs.


One Response to “nothing but a hound dog”

  1. susan Says:

    Finally the story on Digger. Thank you.

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