Tomato Juice in a glas, decorated with tomato ...

a cure-all?

Skunks are beautiful creatures. Silky, sultry, slinky. The black and white fur is a masterpiece. BUT OMG! do they stink!

We’ve been having skunk attacks for the last couple of nights and the smell is overpowering. In fact, my husband, who was “skunked” about five years ago, still cannot handle the smell. He wants to throw up. Last night, the smell was overwhelming. I closed windows, turned on fans, lit candles. Nothing.

He said I should call animal control to come over and capture the thing. Right…. I’m sure they will drop everything to come right over. So now the question is…. how does one go about capturing a skunk?

Look, I’m all for Pepé Le Pew, the Charles Boyer -French loving skunk from Warner Brothers. Always liked him, but my black cat Gracie (who would make an excellent Pepé Le Pew girlfriend) and my two labs are this close to getting “skunked” and, I know from personal experience, no amount of tomato juice is going to take that smell away.


2 Responses to “skunked”

  1. Sandi Waddell Says:

    When Bill and I bought our home in Placerita Canyon it had no air conditioning. The first week we were in the home I had an evening Tupperware party……windows open for nice breeze. Yep, not until everyone arrived and they were starting to eat did our first skunk show up. It amazed me that no one left. I wanted to leave! Amazingly enough, we never had another skunk experience at that house in the following twelve years. They must really like YOUR place!

    • Patti Rasmussen Says:

      that IS amazing. when we bought our house… what, 22 years ago!, the guy across the street had died and a whole family of skunks moved in. It took years (and a couple of new neighbors) to get rid of them….
      maybe this is payback!

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