It’s Called Acting!

Cover of "Capote"

Cover of Capote


Truman Copote was a fascinating man. When they made a movie about his life while writing “In Cold Blood,” they picked a fabulous actor to portray him.

Two of the most underrated actors (in my opinion) – Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Gene Hackman.

Hoffman came into my scope with “Scent of a Woman” (he played the other boy on trial at Bard School). He then went on to other interesting roles including a sex-starved preacher in “Cold Mountain.” And who didn’t love him in “Capote?”

Gene Hackman on the other hand can play just about any role thrown his way (and usually supporting). Beyond Popeye Doyle he was fabulous as Senator Kevin Keely in “Birdcage” to a submarine captain in ”

The most overrated actor – Julia Roberts. Yeah, we loved her in “Steel Magnolias” but her last few movies have tanked “Larry Crowe” and “Eat, Love, Pray.” Let’s face it – she’s overpaid.

Agree? Disagree?


4 Responses to “It’s Called Acting!”

  1. Patti Shea Says:

    Agree! Julia Roberts can’t act. Really didn’t like her in Steel Magnolias. She was tolerable in Charlie Wilson’s War and that’s about it.

    LOVE Philip Seymour Hoffman. Very underrated. LOVE LOVE LOVE him!

    BTW: In Cold Blood is one of the best books ever written.

  2. CinderellieSister Says:

    You need to come out to Sue’s house in Wisconsin. Reminds me of the farmhouse in the book!

  3. Cheryl Phillips Says:

    So agree about Julia Roberts – her last 3 or 4 films have been, like, “I need a few bucks so I’ll just read the lines as I go and throw in a few of my laughs here and there.” Although I must admit I do watch Pretty Woman from time to time when I happen on it on a rainy day.

    My favorites have changed recently – I’m really becoming a Ryan Gosling fan – so versatile. Did anyone see Lars and the Real Girl? We all fell in love with him in The Notebook, and he was amazing in Half Nelson and was nominated for an academy award for this one in 2006. This year alone he’s been in three very different films – all very good: Ides of March (drama/mystery), Crazy Stupid Love (Comedy), and Drive (Action).
    I do agree with you about Phillip Seymour Hoffman although I always find him kind of difficult to watch. In most of his parts (not Capote) he looks so disheveled, unkept and kind of dirty, that I find myself wanting to take him home and give him a good bath and a decent haircut!

    Little known fact: As a 13 year old Ryan Gosling was chosen to be in the new Mickey Mouse Club – he lived in Canada with his parents. He had to relocate to Hollywood and moved in with Justin Timberlake’s family.

  4. CinderellieSister Says:

    I loved Gosling in Remember the Titans. love the Mickey Mouse factoid!

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