Bring on the Food!

A Bronze tom

my sister wants me to rescue, not cook, these guys.

We are now in the middle of the big holiday trifecta. Candy, food, gifts…. it seems to be three months over overindulgence in many ways.

I have to say, though, that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Not only is the weather perfect with Fall leaves and crisp air, but its the kind of holiday that doesn’t take much planning. And by planning I mean costumes to make (or buy), guessing the correct amount of individual candy to get at Target and then right into pulling out Christmas lights and decorations to spread throughout the house and then breaking your bank account purchasing gifts you are hope the receiver will just love.

But not Thanksgiving – it’s all about the food and I have to say cooking a turkey dinner is just about one of the easiest meals I’ve ever prepared. And I’ve had a lot of practice – starting at the age of 18 when I was thrust into preparing the family Thanksgiving meal as my mom had an emergency to attend to. (It’s actually one of my favorite Thanksgiving stories I’ll tell some day).

Since I’m from a large family, Thanksgiving meals have always been large – usually around 30 or more people to feed.Only once (maybe twice) was I able to set a beautiful Thanksgiving table as it’s usually served buffet style and trying to find a seat before you are the one balancing the plate on your lap.

And while Thanksgiving tables are not as bright and festive as say, Christmas tables, I like to think the food, the friends and family who gather around it make it one of the more special tables of the year.



5 Responses to “Bring on the Food!”

  1. Pearl Says:

    My favorite time of the year, too! Unfortunately, I’ve only had the “pleasure” of cooking Thanksgiving dinner once…and it was only for Jason, me and my parents…our 1st Thanksgiving in South Carolina and our 1st with our 1st born, MacKenzie… πŸ™‚

    Our Thanksgivings are normally spent with my family, namely my aunt’s house and she is very anal about HER menu. It’s usually set in stone by Nov. 1st. Since her side of the family live in Palos Verdes, her family ends up making everything, with the scraps left for those who just want to buy dessert. I normally end up being asked to bring the Motherload cake from Claim Jumper…I know…how “exciting.”

    While it would be nice to host one someday (especially having my own family now), never hosting a Thanksgiving dinner I guess has it’s advantages…no clean up and stress… πŸ™‚

    • CinderellieSister Says:

      everyone bringing food is all part of the Thanksgiving tradition. When you finally have an opportunity to do one in your house, you’ll love it.
      I know…. do a second Thanksgiving dinner! I’ll come over πŸ™‚

  2. Pearl Says:

    Oops…”its” advantages… πŸ™‚

  3. susan Says:

    This was WAY……… too short. I’m waiting for the rest to follow. SOON.

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