walking without distractions? never….

A view from Signal Hill of Long Beach's most f...

busy city of Long Beach

I’m not big on exercise but I do like to walk once or twice a day. I usually take the labs and it seems like it’s more for them than it is for me. But I have a great new app for my iPhone.

Runkeeper. It’s free and whether you like to walk, or run, or bike, or ride a horse… this little app will track your course GPS-style and let you know how far you’ve gone, where you went, how many calories you’ve burned as well as keep track of your daily jaunts so you can see how much you are improving.

My record so far isn’t that impressive. I’ve managed to do one, two and sometimes three miles per walk, but they are leisurely walks to be sure. I think I’m hitting a 25 minute mile.

What’s fun about the Runkeeper app is looking at the different courses you take and what the elevation is. I have my favorites but I do like to map out and give names to the different areas I’ve used with my Runkeeper.

Today, for example, I did what I call my Queen Mary walk. I’m in Long Beach and there is a bike/walking path that takes you by the old Queen Mary. I also did not have the labs today so I managed to bump up my time a bit and do a 17 minute mile. (Labs always have to stop for a water dip or a bathroom call so it slows me down).

While the dogs were not with me, I did manage to find people and animals to interact with – like a 1-year-old Basset Hound (so adorable – had to stop and play with her!), a beautiful, marble feral cat hanging out by the docks, some strange boating guy who had a touch of alcohol on his breath and needed to show me something floating in the water and, of course, a guy in charge of the docks so I could tell him about the strange boating guy with alcohol on his breath who needed to point out a floaty thing in the water.

Long Beach also has other diversions – beautiful old buildings for one.

Steps to get up and down to the sand. 

And an assortment of homeless people (who I did not take a picture of).

All in all, walks are fun and a great source of entertainment and material for me. If the labs don’t keep me on my toes (“come on, let’s go for a walk,” they pant), the Runkeeper will definitely remind me it’s time for a longer walk.


4 Responses to “walking without distractions? never….”

  1. janet boelter Says:

    oh cooolllll…. i need something like that. will download today!!

  2. Carol Rock Says:

    Patti has a Street Team? Now I’ve heard everything – lol!

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