two birds in the fridge…

I bought my turkeys today. One Tom and one Hen. Too early? I hope not. They are frozen and now sitting in my refrigerator taking up all sorts of space.

My mom (who cooked huge Thanksgiving meals) said the hens are better eating. More tender. She also said to stay away from gigantic turkeys (over 20 lbs) because they tend to get tough. Hence, two turkeys for my Thanksgiving meal for 20 to 25 people (you never know how many are going to actually show up at my house. My brothers don’t know how to RSVP).

My little sister lives across the street so I am lucky that she likes to cook and clean up. (That’s her at the right. She’s kind of picky about photographs so I’m sure she’ll say something to me about this one. Not sure what she’s making but she spends a lot of time at my stove).

I am also collecting these incredible daughter-in-laws and significant others who have been a godsend to my all male household. They also like to cook and always clean up (one of the most important aspects of a large family meal).

So we will roast one of the turkeys and dip the other. As for side dishes, I like to make my friend’s Blue Cheese mini-muffins (although Pearl said she stole them from Martha Stewart.). As for the other stuff – green beans, cranberries, tons o’ mashed potatoes, pies …. I looking forward to everyone’s contribution.

What a wonderful holiday!




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