Made in America? doubt it….

There has been an ongoing segment on ABC’s Nightly News with Diane Sawyer about buying things made in America. As Christmas approaches, Diane has been zeroing in on the amount of gifts we buy with the average American spending $700 during the season.

The network is asking every American to spend at least $64 on a gift made in America. This, they reason, will create thousands of American jobs.

My husband is a big supporter of Made in America, but I know for a fact he, like many of us, never really take the time to look at where the product we are buying is made. So I did a little experiment this morning – the first day of December.

Here is a sample of what I bought on a quick trip to Target and Pier 1. I had a baby present to buy, some holiday decorations and a couple of Christmas presents. I also picked up a couple of items my husband said he needed. I didn’t look to see where they were made (I had two labs waiting for me in the car….).

So how many of these items do you think were made in America?

The only things on this table that were made in America were the toothpaste, shampoo and prunes.

The candles from Pier 1 were made in Vietnam and China. The Christmas tree – Philippines.

Target didn’t do any better. Baby Einstein toys are made in China. Even the all-American Nerf ball comes from China. Baby clothes…. all made in China or Thailand. The gift wrap and card – China and Indonesia.

I had a hard time finding where DVDs are made. I know they are distributed by the American studios, but where are they made? I might have to give them a call (they have an 800 number on the back for any questions).

What do you think? Can you make it through this season of giving by buying American? I know the one Christmas present on many folks’ list these days is a job.

Next up – shopping local.


One Response to “Made in America? doubt it….”

  1. susan Says:

    Good story, and you’re right, it is difficult to find things “made in America.” Even some things that are “made in America” are assembled from foreign parts. Yish! But I think it’s easier in WI to find some real American things. Think of all the CHEESE.

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