homeless? hungry? cold? have a burger on me…

English: A Burger King bacon cheeseburger.

Good ol' American Burger

You’ll probably be doing some Christmas shopping this week. There will be a lot of people doing to same thing. Malls and shopping areas will be crowded and it will be chaotic.

As you travel from store to store, trying to keep your eye on the ball, there is a chance you will run into someone on a street corner holding a sign saying unemployed or homeless or veteran in need. I know you’ve seen them and it does appear these sign holders multiple during the holidays.

It’s extremely hard for me to pass these folks and try not to look them in the eye. I want to give them money, but the cynic in me is almost certain they will spend it on alcohol or smokes or drugs. I used to keep bottled water in my car to hand out to sign holders on off-ramps, but I’m getting tired of the empty water bottles strewn about.

So I came up with a great idea.

I went to McDonald’s and bought $50 worth of gift certificates (usually $5 certificates). These are what I hand out. I love to say “Have a burger on me” and feel better knowing at least they are getting something to eat. I always get a smile back.

When I ran out of McDonald’s certificate, I went to a Carl’s Jr. When the manager heard I was giving them away, he threw in a couple more certificates “on the house.”

You gotta eat while shopping, right? Do yourself a favor and pick up some gift certificates. Whether these sign holders are truly employed or homeless or a vet, does it really matter? Give a fellow human being a burger.

I promise. It will make your holidays a little bit brighter.


One Response to “homeless? hungry? cold? have a burger on me…”

  1. susan Says:

    That is a great idea!

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