Decorations and Friendship

I don’t do Christmas decorations. I’m a bit color blind for one and I just don’t have that artistic touch. That’s why I rely on my friend Pam. She not only has an eye but she’s patient, persistent and spends hours decorating one tree (One Tree!!!). Can’t do it.

Here’s what she did this year. A MA ZING..

Yeah – there’s a bear in my tree!

Having Pam “do” my house started several years ago when I volunteered my home for a hospital fundraiser. Four homes are chosen, they are decorated to the max and hundreds of people come through to ooh and awe at the beautiful Christmas decorations.

It’s a great idea and the hospital makes a lot of money. But I was working full-time, still had a kid or two in high school, my mom was sick and as referenced above, I do not have an eye for decorating. But my sister-in-law does and she has a powerful friend – Pam.

I gave them carte blanche that year. Everyday after work I would come home to a house in progress. Not only did we have nine Christmas trees spread throughout the house (we had one in the master bath!), but my sister-in-law thought I needed to get out of the 80s – so out came my mauve carpet, plaid kitchen wallpaper and some old pieces of furniture.

Kinda loved when my husband would walk in the door and say “Where’s my carpet?”

So Pam has a great little business going and I’d call her back occasionally when I had a holiday party or the in-laws were coming over. Nowadays, she’ll just call me and set up an appointment around Thanksgiving.

Here’s some other things she did this year:

and the most amazing outdoor lights you’ve ever seen.

Here’s my one contribution to the whole Christmas decorating scheme. Because I have a fake Christmas tree, I buy fresh wreaths to hang in my house so it smells like Christmas. I also wanted to put wreaths in my living room window but Pam said no. It would look like two eyeballs, she said. Now that I think about it…. it would.

Yeah…. kinda love Pam.


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