Jamie Lee and the 4 poster bed

True Lies

Come on - I know you loved this movie!

The last time I bought a bed was in the late eighties. I think it was from Ethan Allen and it was the kind of bed that would last a lifetime. I know you’ve seen it – 4 poster, almost Colonial. Think of the dance Jamie Lee Curtis did in “True Lies.” Yup, she was hanging on to one of the posters on a bed just like mine.

Fast forward 20 years and I still have that bed…. sort of. A couple of years ago while packing for a vacation, I was laying out my clothes on the bed, got tangled up in the dust ruffle and tripped. I tried to break my fall by crashing into one of the posters and it snapped off! My husband re-attached it, but it was never the same. Plus I’m really, really paranoid to walk around the bed now thinking I may just get tangled in that damn dust ruffle again.

So I took off the broken poster and have been living with a three poster bed. Kind of creepy and not very attractive. It’s time to buy I new bed, I announced to my husband, and off we went to the local furniture store.

Because I want to stay with a wood bed (not upholstered) and I want to shop American as much as I possible, I found a beautiful headboard and footboard made by a family company in West Virginia with real American wood. Problem is – these beds can cost up to $4k.

But it will last a lifetime, the salesman said.

When I got home I thought about it. Do I spend $4,000.00 for a new bed OR do I take a trip to Thailand? I mean really, what is the length of my lifetime now that I’ve raised children and started collecting grandchildren? I know for a fact that none of my children will want this bed when my lifetime is over (it’s my new train of thought – heirlooms need to skip a generation before they are really appreciated).

Why not just saw off the other poster and have a 2 poster bed and spend the money on a new mattress instead? So that’s what we did.

My son came over while we were in the process cleaning up saw dust and wondered why we just didn’t buy a new bed. When I explained my reasoning to him I got a blank look. “Why not just buy a casket then,” he said.

That gave me a moment of pause – If I bought two twin coffins, I could get a good night’s sleep and maybe start a new trend.

Naw…. gross. I’ll stick with the 2 poster for now.


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