hooked on hoarders


I'm hooked!

With the new year comes resolutions and so many of these resolutions are tossed to the wayside by the end of the month. Personally, I do not like making resolutions in the new year because to me it’s just another day and the only difference is the date I write on the top right corner of my checks (this also takes me awhile to conquer).

Organization is key to my anal Virgo self. Not that my home is spotless and I do have a bunch of old stuff in my curio cabinet and closets (you should see how many coffee pots I’m storing), but I love, love, love to go through a different corner of my life every month and throw things away. Some of these items I donate, others get dumped in the dumpster, but either way I love filling up those big black trash bags and then standing back to look at my ….. space.

Maybe that’s why I’m hooked on the A&E show “Hoarders.” The first time I watched the show, it was just one moment-after-moment of disbelief. A man who had more than 1000 rats in his home and in his walls (he actually fed them every morning – dumping food on the floor of his kitchen) and a woman who had seven cats and there was so much trash in her home, she didn’t realize two had died. Some of the families clear off areas on their beds to eat their dinner. In the room was trash, dirty clothes, fast food wrappers, half eaten food and drinks. It was amazing to watch these people eat in this mess while texting or playing games on their cell phones. WTF!

I was thinking if I was one of those professional organizers who come in and help clean up, I’d be shoveling that trash into the trash bins so fast their heads would spin. Why, I pondered, do they let hoarders go through every box one item at time and decide whether they keep it or not? Of course, they’d keep it! That’s why they have it.

Just as you’re thinking the show really exploits these poor, sick people, you start to realize that maybe, just maybe they can help them. By making hoarders go through their items and actually toss them in the trash, it’s just the beginning of the healing process.

Most of these folks (actually probably all of them) are in danger of loosing their homes or much worse, their children. They have some mental problem and it is usually exacerbated by a loss of some sort – divorce, death of a loved one, poor health or empty nest. A team of a professional organizer and a health care professional who specializes in Compulsive Behavior are called in and is actually a good combo.

Because the shows are only an hour and they focus on two individuals, the viewer is never quite sure if the situation is resolved. There is after-care available and many are seeing therapists after the show, but it would be heartbreaking to have a follow-up show and find out that they are back to hoarding.

Okay, enough of Hoarders. I need to lighten up a bit. Time to watch “Say Yes to the Dress.”


One Response to “hooked on hoarders”

  1. Susan Says:

    I like your new website, but not hoarding. Those cats!

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