down with Christmas

Christmas decorations are coming down. Yeah, I know it’s January 6 but my mom always told me to wait until the Feast of the Epiphany –  the day the wise men came to visit the baby Jesus (“or how else would they find him?,” she asked).

Gotta love that great Catholic spirit. 

Speaking of decorations, I love all the Christmas/holiday greeting cards I get in the mail. It’s truly a lost art with the internet and all. Someone actually takes the time to buy/design them, write a few words (even if it’s a typewritten newsletter), address them, stamp them and take them all to the post office. For my friends who don’t do this – I’m not dissing you (I only send out a couple every year myself).

But for those who do, thank you! I hang them up and look at them for a least a month. After Christmas I really do hate to throw them away, so I’m taking a page out of my daughter-in-law’s book (who is very crafty). Alexis used paint samples to make her gift tags. She got the red/green/white samples, cut them up into little Christmas tree shapes and wrote the names on the blank area in the back. Very, very cute.

I, myself, am always hunting for tags during the crazed gift wrapping sessions. So this year I will take all these beautiful cards and cut them into tags and find a place to put them so I can find them come December 2012.

Here’s one of my favorite cards:

and here is the gift tag I made:

Okay, so it will take some practice, but I think I will be having some very cute gift tags next year (if I can remember where I put them).

As for my crafty daughter-in-law, here’s what she made me for Christmas:

I was wondering why she had me save my corks. (and no, I didn’t drink all that wine in one month!)

I just love it!



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5 Responses to “down with Christmas”

  1. Lex Says:

    So crafty! I LOVE that idea! I might have to borrow that one 🙂 I’m so glad you like the wreath! It was fun to make

  2. CinderellieSister Says:

    You? borrow a crafty idea from me? I’m honored (even though, let’s face it, I stole the original idea from you 😉

  3. Pearl Says:

    I LOVE that wreath! Where can I get the instructions to make one? I know a few people who would LOVE that.

  4. Carol Rock Says:

    I have corks that we saved for a $20K party a few years ago (they never got used). Got those wreath instructions?

  5. CinderellieSister Says:

    Need to get with Alexis. will report back on the wreath instructions!

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