the $600 chip

I have a bad habit of letting my labs sleep anywhere they please – beds, light blue chairs, blankets, expensive couches …. What is wrong with me?!? I never really let my dogs in the house when my kids were growing up (side note: my husband’s plan, not mine) and now these two dogs of mine have the run of the house.

Whirlpool duet front load washer & dyer

So after the holidays, I decided to strip all the beds and began the day long process of washer/dryer roulette. I have these two beautiful Whirlpool Duet front loading machines I purchased in 2007. I stayed away from the cool colors like slate blue and dazzling orange and went with good old fashion white. Front loading washing machines are like watching your clothes take a shower, not a bath. Water drizzles in, it spins one way and then the other and then more water.

Okay, I’ll admit it – I’m weird but it makes me feel better about doing a mundane job.

But Monday, on my endless cycle of washing/drying/folding, my somewhat new Whirlpool Duet washer just gives out. I push buttons, I reboot, I try other settings. Finally the machine gives me an error code: F70.

A quick Google search tells me there are some problems one can fix themselves – others you need to call a repairman and yup, F70 is one of those.

A week later and $129 shorter, I find out the little chip that tells the machine to spin, circulate and drain needs to be replaced at a cost of $600 (not including installation). Another Google search tells me a brand new Duet washing machine costs about $700. Add to that a four-year warranty for $100 and I can have a brand new one.

After placing my order on-line (I didn’t want to be distracted by all the beautiful new colors of appliances), I had a new machine the following day. A friend of mine reminisced about the good old days when one would bring a toaster or a coffee pot to a repair store and for a few dollars, your appliances would be as good as new. Not so now.

What happened? Here’s my pearl – buy the extended warranties (I know, we all grew up believing this is dumb). But with everything computerized, it’s a necessity.

Thanks Bill Gates for the computer chip. I like how it has opened up my world, but then again …..

By the way – my labs still sleep anywhere they want. Can’t help it.


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