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If all goes well this week, my daughter-in-law will find out if she is going to have a boy or a girl in June. Ultrasounds are amazing for so many reasons. In my days, it was to make sure your pregnancy was progressing and the baby looks healthy. If they could tell you the sex of your child, it was usually just a good guess. But science has progressed and now the sex and the health of the baby is a lot easier to see.

I used to think finding out the sex of your child in your fourth month of pregnancy was like opening a Christmas present early because that moment you give birth is so exciting in so many ways, but now I feel …. why not?

The odds are that my daughter-in-law will have a boy. I gave birth to four of them. I have five brothers. My husband has three. I have a grandson. Sure, there are girls in our family, but boys outnumbered them.

With those odds, I present my Top 10 Reasons Boys are Great for my daughter-in-law:

10. Bathroom breaks – Disneyland, parks, birthday parties, restaurants. The boys like to go with their dad to the bathroom. Nice. Sure, you have to teach them to stand while peeing, but they catch on really fast.

9. Clothes – There are not as many to choose from. Basic tennis shoes, Levis, t-shirts. They may have some name brands they want to wear like Quicksilver, but for the most part, boy clothes are basic and cheap.

8. Toys – Not a lot of little pieces like Barbie shoes. Your basic Lego’s, tractors, Matchbook cars, tents. Boys are curious and creative. They like to dig holes and build things. Not a lot of crayons and sparkly stuff either.

7. Recreation – Boys like to go fishing with their dads. They like to tinker on cars, build things, ride things, climb. Send their dad with them.

6. Noise level – I’m sorry girls, but we like to screech. Boys like to wrestle. Sure, they can put holes in the walls but it’s usually over with quite quickly and then you can teach them how to repair walls.

5. Holding grudges – again, sorry girls, but we like to hold grudges. My sister still remembers how I used to “borrow” her clothes when she spent the entire evening before ironing them and laying out all the accessories to go with it. I got up before her. Boy did we have some “I’d better lock myself in the bathroom” battles when she caught up with me.

4. Princess complex – We love to be princesses and we have all the sparkle to prove it. My mom use to remind me how I would insist on wearing my Cinderella costume to kindergarten everyday. Sometimes we just don’t understand why nobody else recognizes this fact!

3. Drama – none. Boys don’t like drama. Boys motto: Whatever it is, get it over with fast.

2.Girlfriends – Boys like you to like their girlfriend. You have a lot of power there.

And the NUMBER ONE reason to have a boy: Boys love their mother. Let’s face it, even if you had a girl you can’t walk her down the aisle BUT you get the mother/son dance at every wedding.

There are many things on this list I like to do with the guys. I even get the opportunity every once in a while to take them to a play or pose for photos. And I’m sure there are many items on this list that girls like to do. So it’s very general (you notice I don’t mention the stinky socks or the large grocery bills you’ll pile up but hey, in the long run they are handy for moving furniture when you need it).

I want my daughter-in-law to know that whether a boy or girl, it is a wonderful gift from God to have a beautiful, healthy baby. We love the boys, but if by some strange quirk of fate it’s a girl, I think we are more than ready for a princess.


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One Response to “boy oh boy”

  1. Lex Says:

    I LOVED this post! It brought tears to my eyes 🙂 It was such a beautiful sentiment, thank you so much for this list. I would feel honored to have a baby boy, which again are the odds 🙂 I just can’t wait to find out tomorrow. Thank you for this list, if the baby is in fact a boy, I want to have this framed and hung in the nursery. Thank you Patti!

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