I Blew It

A knee, that is.

I had one of those great clutsy moments while feeding Gandhi and Mother T (my labs) last week. Tripped on a step I’ve taken a million times before and went flying. Landed right on my right knee cap. It hurt likes the dickens. I saw plenty of stars and the wind went right out of me. Luckily, Gandhi is big enough to lean on as I dragged myself into the house in a search of Advil and ice.

A quick x-ray and ultra-sound luckily showed no break or fracture, just a bunch of blood swelling around the knee cap. Ice. Advil. and elevation.

So I haven’t been posting much. Or walking much. But I do have some great shots on my iPhone to share from my last walk (before the fall). If you have time, just take a look and enjoy:

Looking for puddles to play in after the rain.








A bunch of crows in a tree. We seem to have a lot of crows lately.









What the dogs like to do after playing in a muddy puddle. btw – the other little chocolate lab belongs to my son (we were dog sitting). She likes to think of my backyard as Doggy Disneyland!


One Response to “I Blew It”

  1. Ella Says:

    I want to come play at your house. Hope that you are up and feeling better soon, hugs & prayers. Ella

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