number 35

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I was in beautiful downtown Los Angeles last night. Downtown LA never used to be beautiful. I worked there in the 70s at Parker Center (LAPD headquarters). It was kind of scary for a young girl to walk blocks to retrieve a car after work, but luckily I had some pretty great escorts (cops).

I think LA took a big turn during the 1984 Olympics. Suddenly, the streets were cleaned up, the buildings were spruced up and people started going to LA for dinner and events. Nothing like having some fine theater, the Staples Center and great restaurants. Which is the reason I was in LA last night.

My husband and I are getting ready to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. In terms of big events, it’s not on the radar (not silver or gold anyway), but in this day and age, 35 years of marriage is kind of a big deal. We want to have a nice dinner with our boys and their significant others. They all liked to get dressed up and go out, so we wanted something different. We have plenty of choices in LA.

But it got me to think about the number 35. Anything significant about that number?

Thirty five backwards is the year I was born. When I was 35, I was rocking my fourth  son to sleep (he was a month old).

Wikipedia tells me 35 is the highest number one can count to on one’s finger using base 6 (I don’t really get this math stuff).Thirty five is also the atomic number of bromine.

Retired Major League Baseball jerseys of the number 35 belong to Randy Jones of the Padres, Phil Niekro of the Braves and Frank Thomas from the White Sox (sorry, four boys and I still don’t know any of these guys).

And 35 mm film is the basic film gauge most commonly used for both analog photography and motion pictures.

But in my personal life, how does one make it 35 years with the same person?

Everyone says a sense of humor is important and that’s true. My husband can always make me laugh even at my lowest moments, but above that I’d say two people living under the same roof need a huge dose of respect for each other. You need to let your significant other have their space, their moments of triumph and you need to support those times.

There’s a great line from a movie I keep in my head: “People need other people to witness their lives.”

If all the pieces fall together, it could just be a long marriage.



5 Responses to “number 35”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Ooh Congrats on your 35th Anniversary Patti! I know it’s not until April but it’s still a long time. My parents just celebrated their 25th Anniversary last November, what’s even longer is my grandparents have been married for almost 60 years now. Can’t wait to celebrate!

  2. CinderellieSister Says:

    thanks Kristin and congrats to both your parents and grandparents. good, long marriages are nice.

  3. Cheryl Phillips Says:

    Beautifully written, Patti – how lucky Charlie is to have you and vice versa. 35 years – yes, indeed, a long time to be married by today’s standards and looks like you will have 35 more. Congrats, you two.

  4. Susan Says:

    I think this was my favorite one out of all your posts. I particularly liked the line “People need other people to witness their life.” Without Charlie who would know about all the ups and downs of your life, the good and bad, the hilarious and awful? I’m so happy for both of you. Keep witnessing!!!

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