someone’s going to dinner

I had a crazy week last week (hence, no posts), but I did pick a winner for the $100 gift certificate to Engine Co. No. 28 – Kelli Ingber. Maybe not in time for a Valentine’s Day dinner Kelli, but send me your address (you know my email address) and I’ll send you the gift certificate.

Here’s what Kelli said: I love going out to dinner because it is a social situation more than an eating situation. Although the food is good too, but conversation makes for a great night out. You have someone serve you and you can relax with the ones you’re with and really enjoy the night out.

I agree Kelli!

Thanks for all the other nods (Carol – I’ll buy you a glass of wine anytime and Kristin, you’ll be coming along for our special dinner in April).

Children's Valentine, 1940–1950

B Mine

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Got any plans? Me…. I avoid restaurants on 2/14 but I still love flowers (you paying attention Charlie 🙂

My Valentine to you folks reading this – a great new giveaway in March (my sisters will give me some good ideas, I’m sure).

In the meantime, Happy Valentine’s Day.


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