sick, sick, sick

Medicine Water

I hate colds! (Photo credit: Robert S. Donovan)

I’m sick. Been sick since Tuesday. Started with an earache and sore throat and bam! before I knew it, I had a stuffy head and cough.

Sure, I realize I am not alone. Everyone, it seems, has been dealing with this weird virus making its way through our neighborhoods. I can look back and remember how happy I was to have energy, feel peppy even, when dealing with my husband’s cold and those of my friends. I thought, “gee, I feel sorry for them,” and then out the door I would go, happy not to be in their shoes.

Okay, so that was a little snotty and karma has found me. Now I’m drinking Robitussin, eating Sudafeds, swallowing Tylenol and attempting to make home-made chicken soup (which, btw, was gross because I didn’t have egg noodles and threw in some lasagna noodles and left the crock pot on warm instead of high).

So I washed my hair this morning, took my grocery list to the store and stocked up on more meds and a six-pack of Chardonnay (it helps me sleep, okay?). More than $400 later, I’m not sure what I bought and nothing looks all that great because I’m not hungry.

But I miss writing. I miss hanging out with my friends and I’m sick, sick, sick of just about every thing of TV (and I have 1000 channels). Luckily I did Easter last weekend with the kids so I’m finishing out this cold/crap and I’m coming back into the world.

Time for an exciting giveaway. And a fun one, so stay tuned. To my faithful readers (all four of you) – I promise it will be good!


5 Responses to “sick, sick, sick”

  1. Rachie Says:

    I’m excited!

  2. Sandi Waddell Says:

    Me four!

  3. Susan Says:

    So who are the four? You are funny and I hope you’re feeling better.

  4. Susan Says:

    P.s. too many commas

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