tatted up

Back tattoo

Back tattoo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shortly after high school, my friend and roommate went out and got a tattoo. Back then the only people you would see with skin art were bikers and old sailors. Her’s was very discreet. Just her name (Alba) inked just below her bikini bottom.

When I asked why, she said one day, when she was an old lady in a nursing home, someone would turn her over and think to oneself, “Wow, she must have been some fun in her days!”

Fast forward forty (cough, cough) years. First there were the Cougars – ladies turning 40 who thought a cute flower near the boob or a gecko on the ankle would be cute. Then the younger girls kicked in and they kicked in big time.

Stomach, arms, lower backs, upper backs and on and on. Sure, it was kind of cute at first, but now it’s called overkill.

Recently I attended a beautiful wedding in the middle of summer and it was HOT, so there were a lot of sundresses – short sundresses with spaghetti straps, strapless, and one arm straps. And just about everyone of the girls were sporting tattoos.

Two problems with these massive tatts – one,it does take away from the beauty of their dress and two, the tatts are fading. Tattoos are expensive and painful but they must be kept up or the girls start looking like those old sailors I mentioned earlier.

I guess it really didn’t hit me until a young girl walked by me in a stunning black, backless dress and she DIDN’T have a tattoo. Her back was BEAUTIFUL!

So girls – if you think you are trend setters, you’re not. And if you like your tatts (and some of them are stunning), do yourself a favor. Spend the time and money to keep them up. You don’t have to add more (remember: more is less), but keep them bright if you want those of us who are looking to enjoy your art.


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