on turning 60

I had a big birthday on Friday the 13th. I turned 60 which in itself is really just a number. But I’ve been reflecting on my age, my birthday and my journey so far, and it’s got me to thinking.

Here’s what I’ve learned since turning 60:IMG_0997

My mom always told me I was born on a Friday. I liked that about me. But the internet changed that when I googled my birth date. Seems I was born on a Sunday. To be honest, that makes me sad.

I can’t party like I did in my 20s, 30s, 40s or even 50s. It makes me tired (and the worse part is I look tired!)

I have some great friends, neighbors and family members who still talk to each other. I am grateful for that.

I can’t tell my boys what do anymore. They have wives, girlfriends, kids…. I can only listen and I’m trying to be good.

Wood floors are NOT good for dogs especially 7-year-old Labs who have arthritis.

No matter what I do my hair is dry, my skin is saggy, my arms and face have spots. I refuse to have plastic surgery so I am going to live with it.

People tell me I have good legs so I’m going to embrace that.

I can’t change the world – or at least all that I want to change. I’m going to live by the Serenity Prayer and try to stay sane.

I still love my husband after 37 years of marriage. He makes me laugh, dries my tears with his patient understanding words and he is always ready for an adventure (that part kind of drives me crazy but it’s better than sitting at home).

I really like the Rolling Stones – finally.

I’m no saint but I now embrace the sinner in me. Kind of like that.

I’m hoping to learn more as I go along. My grandmother and my mom both had long, hard lives but they never looked back. One day at a time seems to be the way to go. I’ll try to embrace that too.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I’m sure I’ve learned more than I mentioned above. I’ll just have to bring those up later.


2 Responses to “on turning 60”

  1. Carol Rock Says:

    Billy Joel said it best:
    “I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints, sinners have much more fun…”

  2. psmilton5@aol.com Says:

    Wow! I loved it, all I need to do is change 60 to 65, delete the party, and it’s perfect for my birthday! Thanks!

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