poor Coop

It’s been a couple of days now since I lost my shadow, my traveling companion, my best friend. She was black and beautiful and had just celebrated her birthday. But she was tired and in pain and it was time to say goodbye.

She was also Cooper’s sister.

Stella and Cooper are dogs. Labradors to be exact. They came into our lives 11 years ago. Stella, a beautiful black female and Cooper, a lovable chocolate male. Cooper quickly became my husband’s dog. They went on hunting trips together and just seem to have the same male macho thing going. Stella, who was gun shy, became my companion. We were actually pretty content when the boys went out of town. The only time Cooper and I bonded was during our afternoon naps.

He liked to cuddle.

But now it’s just me and Coop. I’m not sure if he knows exactly where Stella is but he spends a lot of time napping. Could be his age and he’s always been a laid back lab, but watching him over the past few days, I’m beginning to think it has a lot to do with me. I’ve noticed I’ve lost something. I am feeling a bit joyless.

I think he knows.

I’m lucky to have some good friends that know what I’m going through and have been so supportive. I’m surprised how much this loss has affected me (I’ve lost pets before but this one – wow). I think I need a week or so to mourn the loss of my friend.

I’m just hoping Cooper can wait it out because I have a feeling we’ll need each other.

cooper & stella





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